Sparks first flew between the couple in March 1993 at a post-party for Townshend’s Broadway musical, Tommy.

Even though Marsh had a boyfriend visibly in tow, Townshend, there without his wife, gazed at Marsh across a crowded room.

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I’ll be right back.” The fact that Townshend was 20 years older than her didn’t worry her in the slightest.

She and Townshend started talking about a book project on which he was working.

Some I recognized and some I didn't, but the biggest thing I noticed was how old and kind of "off" the photos were.

Most were taken at least a few years ago (think Khloe Kardashian pre-weight loss and Beyoncé during her "Crazy in Love" days) or were pictures of the actors in costume during TV shows.

They might not see daylight for weeks, if they are on a night shoot schedule.

Or they could be touring through Asia and you’re struggling just to find a decent time to catch up on Face Time. Your date will be super gracious but it’s a constant conversation interrupter.

If you want Kit Harington, for instance, you're actually choosing Jon Snow and if you want Ariana Grande, the picture is of her rocking pink hair during her Nickelodeon days.

I decided to start with Kit Harington — well, Jon Snow — to see if I could find anyone that could be my King in the North.

In the movie ‘Notting Hill’ a superstar (Julia Roberts) falls for an ordinary bookseller (Hugh Grant). (They broke up in 1997 and Townshend remained married to Karen Astley throughout).