During my highschool period I had quite a lot of penpals.

Back then I had enough time to send many emails and read all the replies. In some cases we exchanged just one or 2 emails and then the communication stopped.

(You can find a list of some penpal websites on the bottom of this webpage.) On many websites you also have the possibility to make a profile of yourself and post that on the website. But if you're lucky ,it might also result in a very good friendship.

I am looking for your response : )I am a Chinese writer . I could teach your Chinese if you are interested in it. and I also want to learn Spanish, so if you native language is English or Spanish, and if you want to learn Chinese or need practice, just let me know ,you can add me wechat "Leonardo-Gu"or send me an email, I'm glad to help you :)I am a cofounder of a mobile internet startup company in China.

I am looking for an English language partner because I am working at an international company . I'm also intrested in German and French, and some other different languages. I am also craft beer-addicted, American IPA and Stout are my favorite.

Nowadays I don write with penpals anymore, but it was definitely a great experience! I'll mention a few reasons why you might want to write with penpals: Getting started is really easy.

Just go to one of the hundreds of penpals/mailfriends websites on the Internet and write an message/email to a person that seems interesting to you. It could be that nobody ever reacts to your profile or you just get messages from people that you are absolutely not interested in.

I would be very interested if anyone knows of any trustworthy sites also.

I did suggest to my daughters teacher connecting with another school/class so kids can write to each other.

Each site has thousands of members searching for a new partner in China, in the USA or world wide. Not being the kind of man who likes to go out in the evening to meet a partner in bars or discotheques, he decided to engage the help of dating agencies or single clubs both in his home country and on the internet.

It´s free to join the dating clubs or sites so before you have to spend any money you can search for Chinese women or men without any obligation. Unfortunately none of these agencies could meet his wishes. Chn Love provided him with all necessary information and services (e.g. He corresponded with several ladies of Chn Love and went to China to meet and date some of them personally. We had been rather sceptical at first but seeing the professionalism of Chn Love we were really impressed.

I've had a look on the web, but haven't found any that cater for young children, and thought some of you may be able to help.