I’ll let one of the infamous DABA girls (Dating A Banker Anonymous.com) sum up the reason why I don’t plan to be dating bankers anytime soon…

Alternatively, it could have something to do with the sign on my forehead saying ‘back the eff up’ when a guy fitting the for coining this humorous term, ‘banker wanker’, when she added a Goldman Sachs trader under this very name into her phonebook).

The truth is, if I really think about the qualities I look for in a ‘mate’, i-bankers, traders, private equity, in-house research analysts, whatever– wouldn’t be the first type of guys to pop into my head.

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So here I am, in the airport ready to head back home.

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I already feel the rush of stress and emotions waiting for me back home.

I miss having a default person to battle life with.

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