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Ok Cupid's strength lies in its robust matching algorithm.

When I was a student I had a theory that mathematicians are different from physicists.

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More people have ventured into the potentially hazardous waters of online dating than would care to admit - and some of their adventures have been truly hair-raising.

Now a group of former Harvard math majors are crunching the data to reveal the secret tips of the online dater, displaying them in - naturally - graph form.

The reasoning, the bloggers explained, was that according to the thousands of multiple choice 'match questions' answered by Ok Cupid's seven million users, couples who met on the site agreed most often on three questions in particular: 'Do you like horror movies?

', 'Have you ever travelled around another country alone?

Viren Swami, co-author of The Psychology of Physical Attraction, was less enthusiastic, saying: 'They could also potentially be very misleading and, at worst, quite far from the truth'.

One of the blog's tips is to ask your date if they've ever wanted to run away to sea, whether they enjoyed the Blair Witch Project, or their past travel experiences.

The Ok Trends blog found at dating website Ok Cupid have been charting various trends - such as how long relationships last among Twitter users - since 2009.

Scientists are analysing the tips, all written by former Harvard math majors, in a new article by the LATimes - and the results are divided.'I'm a big fan,' Northwestern University social psychology professor Eli Finkel told the newspaper, adding that the posts are 'generally insightful'.

But new research suggests that girls may prefer to study language, arts and humanities over math and science for another reason: They believe, often on an unconscious level, that demonstrating ability in these stereotypically-male areas makes them less attractive to men.

Most of us, especially in adolescence, want very much to be romantically desirable.

” And it lets you rate how important a potential match’s answers to those same questions are.