Students receive a “letter from God” and respond accordingly (link provided).

Students will view one man’s up-close encounter with a powerful tornado as they consider being awed by God’s power and glory.

Please click on the links below to preview clips created by: Below, you will also find links to other websites that offer a variety of free downloads of trailers, stock footage, movies, etc.

You can also copy the file to another computer or transfer it to another device (here's how to convert videos for free using Freemake and Any Video Converter.) You could alternatively use Clip Converter, a free online tool that downloads You Tube videos and converts them into the format of your choice.

Simply visit the site here, paste the full You Tube URL into the main black bar and then click once on your format of choice (e.g. Then click Continue, close any pop ups and finally click Start at the bottom of the window.

However, a number of the clips/movies offered by these sites are in a file format Movie Maker does not support and will need to be converted to a Movie Maker 'friendly' format before importing them into a Movie Maker project.

Students will discuss things that are unexplainable as they explore the Trinity.

This archive features previews and download links for 3463 free video clips which have been grouped into 25 categories (listed below) according to who created the clip.

Those clips which can be downloaded directly from the Clip Archive may be used for free, as long as their use is for personal, non-commercial purposes (permission has been obtained from the creators to make them available to you through this website subject to this restriction).

For the ethics and legality of doing this, see: Is it legal to download You Tube videos? Head to and click in the box to the left of the Download button.

There are many ways to download You Tube videos, either using a browser plug-in or simply by pasting the URL of the video into another website. Clicking in the address bar is usually enough to highlight it, but clicking three times should also do the job. Press Ctrl-V to paste your copied URL and click Download.

A third method, as has been pointed out by some readers is to type vd, dl or dlv in front of You Tube in the address bar when you're on a page with the video you want to download (eg. This takes you straight to a website where you decide what quality video you want and then press Download. However, it seems that You Tube's legal team has told these downloader sites that what they are doing is illegal. You’ll see the available versions of the video appear below. We recommend MP4 for the best compatibility, and go for the highest quality – in this case it’s 720p.

The and sites are currently not working and their own legal teams are working on a response. In the following walkthrough we’ll use Keep Vid, but Freemake Video Converter and Freemake Video Downloader are also good alternative options if you want a piece of software which can also convert the downloaded videos into other formats (see below for yet another option: You Tubeby Click). Ignore the big 'download' buttons - these are adverts. Simply click the link to start the download – ignore the flashing adverts around the page which are not download links at all. Look in your ‘downloads’ folder, or click the downloaded video in your browser’s status bar (we’re using Chrome here) to watch the video.

This footage is meant to be used to learn about object removal (drone and camera with tripod) and for stabilisation.