The logical route for today’s concerned, yet lazy, parent, is to shell out hundreds of bucks for some off-the-shelf piece of software that they can install on their kid’s computer.

The problem is that a quick Google search reveals a dozen workarounds for even the most expensive parental censoring spy tools.

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Schools need tougher penalties for bullying offenses and things should be dealt with according to the seriousness of the offense.

Local, state, and federal laws should also be stricter so that people realize that there is a fine line between malicious bullying and criminal acts of violence.

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Cyber bullying is at an all-time high and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Bullies who used to be in the schoolyard threatening to beat up someone if they didn’t give them their lunch money, are now online posing as anyone they want to in order to avoid being caught. Sometimes it might seem so when you watch the news nowadays.

For the most part, I’m of the opinion that a little bit of minor mischief is harmless, and perhaps even character building, as long as they come out relatively unscathed.