Recent changes in patterns of care provision, including health care restructuring, the closure of long-term care facilities and under funding of home care (Chappell, 1999; Strang & Koop, 2003) have led to an increasing reliance on daughters to provide care for their aged mothers.In order to identify and implement appropriate programs and policies that promote the health and well-being of both caregivers and care recipients, we need to broaden our understanding of the relationships between community-dwelling mothers and their daughters within the context of dementia care.

When mother-of-three Maria Kang posted a Facebook photo of herself and her three young kids with the text "What's Your Excuse?

" people accused her of body-shaming other mothers who prioritize child-rearing over fitness.

Waller, a microbiologist from Leeds, Yorkshire, said: “Of course the thing about the photo is that I thought I looked awful with stretch marks and a big belly, but people have been coming to me saying it's the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.

“Now I don't care what my body looks like - it's made my baby and the result of that is I have a saggy belly. Women's bodies are strong and powerful, but I'm no superwoman.

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Many argue that the mother-daughter bond is central to the lives of women (Allen & Walker, 1992).

Given the longer life span of women and the gendered role expectations of women to assume the role of primary caregivers for family and friends (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2004); intergenerational caregiving between mothers and daughters will become increasingly common.

As Canada’s elder population grows, an increasing number of individuals will require care for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).