A voracious reader, she scours the Washington Post while sipping her plain hot water and noshing on cookies and peppermints (her secret to such superager longevity). She’s a loyal supporter of current President Barack Obama, and utterly dazzled by the intellect, compassion, grace, and style of first lady Michelle Obama. “We live in this mad, mad world, where a woman could do no worse than the muck of a mess men have long done,” she’s repeated countless times to me, her only granddaughter, and the only grandchild who calls her nearly every day to gab. It's the people who did this, and they have to stop. Prior to that, armed with scissors and a magnifying glass (she refuses to wear her reading glasses), she’d carefully cut out articles about Elizabeth Warren and other pioneering women she’d discover featured in the paper. GRANDMA: Women have to be more in politics than they are.

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You think your a big shot when you haven’t the brains to realize you’ll never amount to anything more than a since he was a youngster, too.

He’s lazy, bigoted, and he has a drinking problem, He can’t build a normal relationship with anyone, and his law practice is one of the worst in the entire state.

"I would like to sit in the same room where the president is and the important people who come to talk to him,” she said. These single-worded arguments are possibly the result of accidentally messing with the remote control and periodically ending up with Fox News, the only clear picture on her TV.

“I just want to listen, and then Obama, he'll turn to me, the little old biddy in the corner, and ask for my thoughts. I’ll tell him I speak for the elderly and I'll give my opinion. She will win because she’s the one with the most money.” She reverts to a sexist way of thinking — harping on Clinton’s husband’s transgressions, claiming “she has no political experience besides being first lady” and that it was “her husband who got her those jobs.” My sweet hypocritically and conveniently forgets that HRC served eight years as a New York senator and then four years as secretary of state — that she has decades of experience. My has been voting since her vote helped reelect Franklin D.

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One doesn’t even have to ask a prompting question — she’ll just launch into her signature pontification about how the need is dire for more of us, us women, to enter into positions of power. We need women in power.” Don’t get me wrong; she’s got bupkis in the way of love for the Donald.