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The weather in Laval (Mayenne) in the month of march comes from statistical datas on the past years.

You can view the weather statistics for all the month, but also by clicking on the tabs for the beginning, the middle and the end of the month.

Originally part of his defences against the marauding Normans and Bretons, it retains its medieval keep and houses the Musée d’Art Naif, partially inspired by Henri Rousseau, a native of Laval known as ‘Le Douanier Rousseau’.

In the old town, the Cathedral has Aubusson tapestries and Laval has one of the few remaining floating laundries of France, the Bateau-Lavoir St-Julien, now a museum.

From the 1st century BC through the modern era, the town had a significant military importance because the Alps rise abruptly to its immediate south, presenting a significant natural barrier.

The Arar (Saône) River formed part of the border between the Haedui and their hereditary rivals, the Sequani.

Laval is located in France with (48.0667,-0.7667) coordinates and Mayenne is located in France with (48.3,-0.6167) coordinates.

The calculated flying distance from Laval to Mayenne is equal to 18 miles which is equal to 28 km.

Each tribe claimed the Arar and the tolls on trade along it.