Add other Relationship Information Add a Quote Edit Relationship Information, Quotes, and Trivia I broke up with her after she printed that book because I was hurt to be an unwitting part of this slutty package. We were in a relationship, yet it looked like she was screwing all these other people.

John Frank Tesh (born July 9, 1952) is an American pianist and composer of pop music, as well as a radio host and television presenter. In addition, since 2014, he has hosted Intelligence for Your Life TV with his wife Connie Sellecca. Tesh has won six Emmys, has four gold albums, two Grammy nominations, and an Associated Press award for investigative journalism. His live concerts have raised more than million for PBS.

Tesh confirmed the tidbit to the New York Daily News after word got out that a new biography on Winfrey alleged the pair once lived together.

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For this, he hired a string quartet to serenade her with a song.

On their first anniversary in 1993, he had a plane pull a banner over their Orlando vacation spot indicating JOHN [love] CONNIE, and she was seven months pregnant that period.

But this is not the case for everyone because not all the marriages last forever and they often end in divorce.

But the lucky Radio Host John Test who is happily married and leading a blissful married life. Caption: John Tesh and Connie Sellecca share a happy family with daughter Prima (2005).

The radio show alone amasses 34 million gross impressions/per week.

John’s Facebook page has a weekly reach of 15-20 million engagements/week.

John’s live television concerts, including the seminal ‘Live at Red Rocks,’ have raised more than 20 million dollars for Public Television.

Tesh’s consistent popularity as a TV and Radio broadcaster has only amplified the personal connection with his loyal tribe of fans who get to listen to him 6 days a week on the ‘Intelligence For Your Life’ radio and television programs.

"Oprah and I were cub reporters in Nashville nearly 40 years ago and we dated for a short time," Tesh told the paper.

Neither he nor Winfrey have commented on whether they were live-in loves or if their relationship ended - as Kelley’s book claims - after Tesh left due to the "pressure" of being involved in an interracial romance.

Tesh also served as a sportscaster for events such as the Tour de France bicycle race from 1983 through 1986 (Tesh has the distinction of being the anchor for the first American broadcast of this event), and gymnastics at the 19 Summer Olympics.