‘I’m so glad I took no notice of anyone when they said, “Dancing’s for girls.” At college I had the most fun in the world – girls there didn’t care that you danced.

They thought it was sexy.’ was gay and, as a result, Mitch received a lot of male attention.

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Before that football was his passion, but he made the move to tap, winning competitions and ending up at a college for the performing arts.

Gene Kelly became his idol and Mitch can do every step from will know.

As he was born in United Kingdom, it is quite obvious that his nationality is English.

According to some sources he belongs to the ethnicity white.

Rising star Scodelario capitalised on early movie roles in 2009's and killing off the good ones?

Freddie shared a tumultuous relationship with Effy, which ended when her jealous psychiatrist Dr.

Foster (Hugo Speer) brutally murdered the sweet-natured skater with a baseball bat.

Katie Fitch was the queen bee of Roundview College and the polar opposite of her timid sister Katie, leading to tensions between the two.

His interesting biography attracts a lot of people and they want to learn more about it.