After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, people who lived in the former republics got an unrestricted access to the Western world and vice versa.

Today, love literally has no boundaries thanks to modern means of communication.

Schwartz serves as executive producer while also writing and directing for the show, including the premieres and finales of all seasons.

is an American Television series created by Josh Schwartz for the FOX Network in 2003.

Originally, it follows the life of Ryan Atwood, a troubled but tough young man from a broken home who is adopted by the wealthy and philanthropic Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.

Ryan and his surrogate brother Seth, a socially awkward yet quick-witted teenager, deal with life as outsiders in the high-class world of Newport Beach.

Keeping track of the shifting friendships, jealousies and turmoil in this wealthy and complex world is not easy; that's why there's Gossip Girl.

As the summer is drawing to a close, Blair and Chuck are madly in love and adjusting to their new "in a relationship" status, breaking all traditional rules of dating as would be expected.

Diggle also has demons of his own to face, such as learning that Deadshot killed his brother Andy and he begins a vendetta to find and kill him.

In the entire series there was flashbacks of Oliver's arrival on the island, subsequent fight for survival against the soldiers of Edward Fyers, how he is tutored to fight by former Asian commander, Yao Fei Gulong, former ASIS soldier, Slade Wilson, and Yao Fei's martial arts expert daughter, Shado.

Though high school may be behind most of them, you can be sure a future of love, scandal and, of course, secrets awaits.

Based on the best-selling series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, this drama is told through the eyes of an all-knowing blogger—Gossip Girl—who, via constant, avidly read text messages, is determined to uncover and fuel every scandal possible on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where gossip rules, and affluent young people find themselves with the money, access and appetite to explore all the temptations New York City has to offer.

Moreover, Slavic brides were always famous for being great wives and mothers.