It's Friday and boxing's favorite two loudmouths Sean Thompson and Craig Carlos Valentino are back again this week with another episode of Championship Rounds.

In this week's Championship Rounds podcast Craig and Sean recap another big fight across the pond.

Now I am familiar with and ogrish, but I don't care for gore or anything of that sort.

He allegedly had over 13,000 videos about how Diddy needs to check his myspace for an important message and how he would pay thousands of dollars to meet him. v=g32F6n SSk E8I'm going to really think about this, this comment might change a few times.

His account has since beend but here is his new account https:// And here is a video of his that someone reuploaded with literally hundreds of notebooks in his room that is apparently all work that he's done for Diddy. On a article called "6 True Stories About Disneyland They Don't Want You to Know" there was a link to a website called or something like that which had pictures of people that had flashed the cameras on Splash Mountain, so naturally I clicked it only to be transported to

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Now, there’s even […]Immigrant students without legal status in the United States say they're not giving up on passing legislation that would make them eligible for institutional financial assistance at state-run colleges and universities in Connecticut.

The close partisan makeup of the General Assembly and sharp disagreement over how to fix Connecticut's deficit-ridden budget are being blamed for why some major bills remain in limbo, with just days left to go in the regular legislative session.

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